Nguda Pokcho to be turned into community reserve area

BASAR, Jan 25: A workshop-cum-meeting at Sago village was organised by the Gumin Rego Kilaju (GRK) on Thursday for conversion of the Nguda Pokcho (a watershed area) into a community reserve area.
The Nguda Pokcho is a vast watershed area made up of four rivers of Basar area – Sei, Kidi, Hingen and Echi.
Attending as resource person, Aalo DFO Abhinav Kumar presented an overview of the community reserve area and illustrated the likely benefits involved for the community and the roles and responsibilities of the community through PowerPoint.
Namdapha Tiger Reserve scientist and Research Officer Dr Tajum Yomcha also presented reasons to preserve flora and fauna. He highlighted the potential benefits of biodiversity preservation.
Attending the event as chief guest, Tourism Parliamentary Secretary Pasang Dorjee Sona appreciated the approach adopted by the GRK and assured his support in tapping the tourism potential of Nguda Pokcho area and Jollie river site, which he had visited earlier.
On the community reserve concept for Nguda Pokcho, he said that active participation of the people would potentiality turn out to be a fulfilling project and the Forest department could also replicate this elsewhere.
He said that the approach of involving all stakeholders, including community members and Forest and Tourism departments, in conserving was admirable.
Sona expressed optimism that others would also emulate such good initiatives to preserve nature.
GRK president Tomo Basar called upon all the members to appreciate the need to understand nature and create bonhomie with nature and wildlife.
He also called for the need to sustain the comprehensive sanitation, routine social services, conservation efforts, and social reforms like community help to bereaved families, ban of IMFL in public occasions, shunning drugs, and emphasis on education.
Dr Karbom Basar, Chairman of the Land & Water Based Resource Mobilization Committee, GRK, administered an oath on conservation of the Nguda Pokcho for future generations.
Later, the DFO read out the already existing notification, which places a ban on hunting as per existing act. He requested all to adhere to the laws to avoid any legal punishment.
ZPMs Tonyir Basar and Jonya Basar submitted memorandums to the visiting dignitaries on behalf of GRK.
Tourism Deputy Director Gedo Ori and GRK secretary general Karbom Riram also spoke on the occasion. Youth leader Gumjum Haider also attended the workshop.
The workshop was also attended by the central GRK committee members and denizens of nearby villages of Piri, Eshi, Pagi, Disi, Echi and Sago.