River pollution

Dear Editor,
Through your daily esteem, I would like to convey my agony on the river pollution.
I’m from Daporijo and I have been observing river pollution since few years. The mighty Subansiri and Sigin are badly polluted day by day because the rivers have become septic tanks for private households and non-degradable wastes, diapers are thrown into the rivers.
I remember the time when these rivers were clean but we are responsible for pollution.
If we continue to pollute our rivers, a time will come when we wont have enough drinking water.
Therefore, I would like to request my fellow citizens to get educated on environmental problems, garbage management. River should be kept clean and human wastes should not be thrown into the river.
I also appeal to the authorities and NGOs to come together to give more awareness and proper river management to control river pollution.
Nayor Nilling