Clanism and Tribal Society

Dear Editor,
The inorganic growth of clan-ism among our tribesmen is a matter that is something to be pondered upon.
If it’s in a way it nurture a sense of brotherhood and oneness then at the other end it could also become a serious threat that can possibly prompt a sense of inter-clan antagonism.
In bygone days, Clanism was not talk of the town yet the idea was highly respected and unity was maintained but over the time we are evident of unprecedented attempts to make a Pyramid like unity and urgency to increase the number which seems to be more harming than harmony.
The genesis of Tribal Society has always found in the theory of ” Might is Right”. We are Blessed to not have a “Caste stratification” like North India but still Clan-ism is capable of bringing the curse like Caste stratification if intelligentsia doesn’t act as a cognitive component.
At the same time I staunchly believe that we Tribal are different be in the terms of culture, rituals and Practice and in order to preserve the Tribalism, Unity is a Pre – requiste ingredient and I am for any idea of Clanism that enhance unity among tribesmen and as long as it doesn’t become one clan vs another or idea of Superiority of one clan over another is not encouraged.
The emerging idea of clanism at a times can work as a dividing force of Pan Arunachal concept further leading to lack of regionalism and most worrisome part is when it is used as a political tool in the hands of vested interests. Clanism in itself it’s not wrong but it must strongly rooted in the foundation of Love and respect for all clan. One should always be proud of the clan he belongs to as the old lady says, ” When the History is forgotten identity is forgotten”. But my identity should not become a stumbling block for someone.
Ige Dirchi,