Caught between internet and manual billing

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed paper, I am to apprise and ventilate my anguish over the erratic net connectivity in the office of power department particularly of Naharlagun.
With the introduction of digitalised billing system in Aruanchal Pradesh, the government is collecting fair amount of revenue due to plugging in of financial pilferage and power leakage. But ironically, the consumers are forced to wait longer and torturously than the era of manually prepared bill.
It is frequently seen that the consumer in order to pay the bill throng into the office only to find themselves returning home without paying the bill due to erratic and defunct net connectivity at the office.
Many office goers, people engaged in informal and formal sector are coerced to run to pay bill but power department are finding themselves incapable of shouldering their responsibility due to constant link failure.
May I request the concern authority to look into the matter before your office is flooded with complaints and criticism?
The concern department has to revamp and overhaul the technical difficulties either by switching to better net provider or embrace the primitive method of manually prepared billing system.
Licha yama
Model village,