Tourism jobs

Dear Editor,
Be it cultural, adventure or religious tourism, our state has huge potential in term of development of tourism and can become number one tourist destination in India.
Tourism industry can become highest revenue generator in our state, provided that department is manned by specialist and expert. But in many districts post of DTO and TIO are being held by non-specialist in additional charge.
In our state, hundreds of local unemployed youth are sitting ideal in their home with degree/diploma in tourism study.
Many of these poor local youth somehow completed their study in this subject by taking loan with hope to have bigger job opportunity. But it seems that our degree/diploma is going to be turned into mere piece of paper as many of our friends will be over age for government job in these few months.
Earlier many a times, we have appealed to authority for the advertisement of vacant post of DTO and TIO but government did not respond to us.
Therefore we Degree/Diploma Holders in tourism study on the occasion of National Tourism Day once again appeal to Chief Minister and Parliamentary Secretary(tourism) to notify the vacant post of DTO and TIO soon.
Degree/Diploma holders in tourism study