A sector without water

Dear Editor,
D-Sector, Itanagar is the most neglected sector in Itanagar. I am not talking about smart facilities; I am talking about the most basic need of human beings- Water and Electricity. Sporadic power cut is very common here at D-Sector. Well, we can live with candles and fire but can’t live without water.
Water is supplied to D- Sector for 40 to 50 minutes in morning hours. Besides the distress of scanty water supply, the problem is that water pipe often becomes dry for upto three days every week and not just in winter but through out the year. I think most of the people reading this get better water supply in your place. Why so much negligence towards the people of D-Sector? Is it because D-sector is not a VIP sector?
PHE Department ought to engage its manpower on basic duty rather than some other centrally sponsored schemes.
What is the need of creation of many Zonal/Divisional officers when you can not provide one hour regular water supply in a day?
I don’t adore your tall claim of attainment of ODF status when you have failed to provide one hour regular water supply to the denizens of State Capital, Itanagar where living is as costly as any other metro cities. Govt should not wait for formation of unions and the democratic/undemocratic movements. Provision of basic need is foremost duty of the Govt.
At the end, I request PHE Department to provide daily one hour water supply without fail.
It is further requested to provide additional one hour water supply in evening hours as it is provided to any other parts of Itanagar.
A resident of D-Sector,