Questionable Multi level marketing company

Dear Editor,
This so called SFC is duping youths in the north eastern side of India mainly (Guwahati , Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh ) for now. It’s a multi level marketing based pyramid scheme like all others but this time they really did found a loop hole in the law to make this company seem legal. Unlike others they keep a fixed amount 6000+300(tax) and give away some cheap clothes for these so that it seems legit. The main motive here is that they use a product (cheap cothes) to appear legit. I have read about how HERBAL LIFE, AMWAY etc all have been courted by people but it seems though a Multi level marketing system they are legit companies because people demand their products.
These SFC works in simple terms ” a person will join through a friend where their friend have also join like this person through a friend. They (friends) won’t say anything to us other than just come and see and register for 1000 Rs and take 4 days training.
Thats it you will be employed for a salary of 15000-20000 a month where you just need to come to office once in a week. What they don’t tell us is that after training we will be asked to pay Rs 6000+ 300(so called tax) where we will be given this cheap looking clothes which in real is not even worth 1000Rs, and that we need to find 5 people from where 22% profit will be given to us from the 6300 Rs these five people will pay and it will go on from 5 people to 25 people to 125 people etc and we will earn profits from these every new people joining so called downline”
In conclusion why I am complaining here is that, though these SFC seems to be legal this is what they want people to assume. These products of theirs are not manufactured by them but bought off from some cheap fancy bazaars where if sold in retail no one will even give 1000Rs for it. And uses the impression of giving away products to seem legal why not open a big retail shop and sell off those clothes.
Reason this company is legal is because for example – what if here the five of us are the last person on earth assuming we are on the bottom line, to whom will we send our products to? How will we earn profits ? Because unlike Amway’s and Herbal life’s nobody are going to buy the products SFC sell so they lie and dupe people into buying their products.( Which probably are not manufactured by them or theirs);
DS Taku