Open letter to Hon’ble Chief Minister

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to appeal to Honourable Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh and his government to reconsider the 22% pay hike of the SSA teachers.
Each one of us is well acquainted with the working conditions of the SSA teachers of the state. SSA teachers are taken for granted by the GoAP that they (SSA) will render their services without any regular salary. That too without any additional allowances and increments. For the GoAP , the SSA teachers are sort of robots.
We, the SSA teachers have tabled our legitimate demand before the GoAP to enhance our salary at par with the regular teachers. And as such, the meagre 22% hike as declared by the government flabbergasted us. It is also a contempt of court as the apex court has already given its ruling on Equal pay for Equal work. Moreover, there is a big difference between an alm and a salary. It seems that the GoAP needs some homework.
Further, I am opinionated that the financial constraints is just another lame excuse from the GoAP’s end. Because of the fact that, no financial constraints surface up when it comes to the procurement of caravans of deluxe SUVs for the legislators and bureaucrats. When it comes to the state sponsorship foreign tours and festivals, exchequer of the GoAP is generously sufficient. When it comes to the maintenance of Parliamentary Secretaries and numerous OSDs, financial status of the GoAP is sound enough. Then why our legitimate demand is being sidelined and denied.
Truth is always bitter. Instead of investing crores of funds in fairytale like “Smart Classroom” project, fulfil our legitimate demands. For I believe that a teacher is worth beyond praise as compared to a semi vacuum “Kyan”.
Hoping that the popular government will ponder upon and attend to our cause at the earliest.
SSA Teacher