Pinch’s family seeks PM’s intervention in death case

ITANAGAR, Feb 6: Daughter of late Ngurang Pinch, Ngurang Reena has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking justice for her father who died in mysterious circumstances in November last year.
Former MLA Pinch died in mysterious circumstance in Ramghat, at the confluence of the Papum and Poma rivers, on 18 November, 2017, while on a rafting expedition. His family claims that his death was not an accident.
Seeking the PM’s intervention, Reena, who is an assistant professor at Delhi University and a PhD research scholar at JNU, said in the letter that the aggrieved family has lost faith in the special investigation team (SIT) constituted by the Arunachal Pradesh to inquire into the case.
‘I write to you with two goals today: to help me find the murderer of my father by handing over my father’s case from the incompetent SIT to the CBI, and to seek your help for my state to fight against the perennial injustices meted out by the powerful and the corrupt,’ Reena said in her letter.
Reena alleged that her father’s death was a ‘pre-planned murder’, and that the stories provided by the members of the rafting team were fabricated.
‘We have enough evidence to suggest that my father’s death was a pre-planned murder, and that all the stories provided by the 20 members are fabricated,’ she said.
Reena also reflected on the pending and unsolved criminal cases related to murders in Arunachal Pradesh over the years, and expressed apprehension that her father’s murderer(s) may get away easily.