Theory of evolution

Dear Editor,
I would like to throw some light onto the Darwin’s theory of Evolution,specifically “Human evolution” which has became a subject of hot debates in social media,print media with the Minister of state, human resource development, Satya Pal singh publicly denouncing the popularly and globally accorde Darwin’s theory of evolution particularly,human evolution on the pretext that neither any ancestor of us nor any tales,mythes or ancient texts have mentioned that the human beings evolved from ape(primate/ancestor). Further,he claim for exclusion of the theory from syllabus of educational institutions.
Therefore, it would be pertinent to throw some light on the Theory.
According to Darwin, various organism including human being evolve from some ultimate ancestor over a period of time.Here time period refer to billion of years.According to Darwin theory, the process of gradual change(evolution) over a period of time to accomodate changing natural environment and needs result in diversification and generation of new species from the existing one.This changes occur over a period of time resulting into develoment of completely different and new species from existing or former is called adaptation.
According to his postulate, evolution occur in four distinct manner viz,
1. Variations: it refer to change acculmulated over a period of time in an organism resulting into development of new species.
2. Inheritance: it refer to transfer of variation or changes so occur to generation next and subsequent which ultimately led to specificiation.
3. High growth of population- it refer to growth of population as a result of reproduction process beyond environmnent can support might led to extinction of that particular organism.
As per as Darwin’s theory, human being belong to hominid family, which further belong to super family called hominoidae(primate/ape).
For instance,gibbon belong to hylobetadae family while human being (homosapien ) chimpanpzee and Australopithecine and other extinct biped genera descent from Hominid family separated from gorillini tribe(gorillas) between 9- 8million years ago and further evolved from super family hominoiddae.
Thus, the theory is very clear and comprehensible that Human beings (homosapien), chimpanzee (pan trogdolytes) , gibbon and gorillas descent from same ancestor or super family called Hominoidae.
Of hominid family descendant of superfamily Hominoidae, human being(homosapien), chimpanzee( pan troglodytes) are few extant genus and species and sub species while australopethecines is the extinct species of hominid family and of genera australopethicus.
Therefore, unnecesarily one should not be confused or generate wrong notion that human being evolved from chimpanzee or gibbon (hylobetadae family) rather all this species descended from its ancestor super family called hominoidae and separated into different family, genus, and species over the period of time.
To support his theory of evoulution Darwin conducted many expriments and observation over plants and animals.
For instance,he studied birds of Galapagos and observed that birds develop various peaks as per food availability.
Similarly , he observed Australian marsupial which showed numbers marsupial emerged from marsupial ancestor.
Further, different physiology, structure among animals and plants across the globe according to weather, climate,and vegetation etc hold good enough to suffice Darwins theory as scientific and acceptable besides many expriments and observation with evidence thereof.
Therefore, the statement by minister without logical conclusion is very unfortunate and condemnable on the account that such statement may spread wrong notion among the young minds who are yet to understand, analyse and conclude any theory they read or studies.
Further, such illogical statement grossly encourage supertitious believes faith and dogmas on mythes,tales and ancients text which mostly lacks scientific investigation.
Jeta Riba