Ali Aye Ligang celebrated with traditional fervor

ITANAGAR, Feb 14: The Mising community residing in the Capital Complex celebrated Ali Aye Ligang, their main agriculture festival with traditional fervour and gaiety here on Wednesday.
PWD Parliamentary Secretary and local MLA Techi Kaso, who attended the celebration, said that every festival gives us a message to live in unity with communal harmony while preserving own culture and tradition.
Festivals of different tribes and communities need to be celebrated and passed on to the younger generation for preservation of our identity and culture, he said.
Kaso also highlighted some of the developmental activities being taken under his constituency.
IMC Councillor Yumlam Minu said ‘Mising community being the descendent of Abo-Tani are our brothers. Such festival needs to be carried forward for unity and communal harmony for better future of our younger generation. She also assured all help for any community development works.
Festival celebration committee president B C Doley and general secretary Debojit Pegu also spoke.
Our Ruksin correspondent adds: Mising people living in Arunachal Pradesh and bordering Assam celebrated Ali Aye Ligang, their main agriculture festival with traditional fervour and gaiety.
The inaugural programme of the week-long festive started with paying tribute to pioneer of Mising culture, Babu Oiram Bori and sowing of Sali seeds by Mirii Abus (priest), which was followed by the Gumrag dance, discussion on Ligang mythology.
A cultural procession was also taken out along the National Highway-15 from Oyan to Sille-Teromile to mark the occasion.
Attending the celebration at Oyan village in East Siang district on Wednesday, former Pasighat West MLA Yadap Apang urged the community people to continue their traditional practices to keep up their identity intact.
Stating that celebration of festival promotes unity among the community members, Apang suggested Mising youths to shoulder responsibility of preserving their living traditions and cultural heritage for the younger generations.
Ali Aye Ligang was also celebrated at different Mising dominated villages of bordering Assam with pomp and gaiety.