Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Editor,
On the occasion of your visit on 16th February’2018, I on behalf of the conscious citizens Arunachal Pradesh would like to draw your kind intervention on following genuine public grievances.
Although many BJP ruled states have implemented the mandatory Constitutional provision of setting up of Lokayukta and State Human Rights Commission, the sensitive and backward border state of Arunachal Pradesh is still sitting over the proposed files and thereby allowing rampant and cancerous germ of corruption to reach a record high.
Although the present incumbent CM Pema Khandu has shown strong intention to curb corruption in public life and handed over the infamous 1000 (One Thousand) Crore PDS Scam to CBI and also checked the practice of illegal appointment of limited jobs, the road ahead for Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas is still embedded with controversies, contradictions and lack of support from fellow Legislators, Ministers and Party functionaries. The commoners, in absence of strong opposition party and media in the State only have to depend on RTI revelations and Court cases. Therefore, the need of the hour is immediate setting and implementation of Lok Ayukta as well as a strong State Human Right Commission to fasten the realization of corruption free Arunachal and Swatch Bharat.
As a conscious citizen I don’t want my state to be known for all unwanted laurels such as Aaya Ram Gaya Ram culture of our elected leaders; spending more than 20% of the total budget allocation from the Centre in fairs, festivals, VIP culture programmes and foreign trips.
To bring home to my observation, Arunachal is also the only state in the country wherein the highest post of Chairman of recruiting body of State Public Service Commission is advertised in the name of transparency and fair play. Such a practice affects not only the sanctity of the Constitutional post but more importantly questions the wisdom of the Govt. in power. Just as the senior most member of Union Public Service Commission is elevated as the Chairman of UPSC and so also in the judiciary wherein the senior most judges becomes the Chief Justice of the country and likewise in State Public Service Commissions and High Courts.
While it might be little bearable in inviting job applications for the post of Members Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to asses and assert the desirability criteria such as sound job experience, high academic background and most importantly impeccable integrity in public life, but doing the same for the Chairman is little laughable and amounts to demeaning of the Constitutional post. I, therefore, request the Honourable Prime Minister to direct the State Govt. to follow the highest Constitutional norms as being followed at the Centre and all other States.
Lastly, other important issues of public concern are directing the Govt. to do away with reckless appointment of Parliamentary Secretaries as per repeated directions from various High Courts and Apex Court, drop the Ministers who despite cabinet decision to handover all categories of Govt. Jobs including Group-C to be recruited through State Public Service Commission, are again resorting to department recruiting process.
Hope your visit will prove to be an eye opener for quick delivery of services and proving before the people that this Modi and Pema led Govt. at Centre and at Itanagar respectively is qualitatively different from the rule of Congress regime.
Mizum Lollen,