Salute to traffic wardens

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to express my profound gratitude to the Traffic Wardens of Itanagar (ITW). They are the real role model for many unemployed youths in the State who seeks alternatives way of easy earning without contributing anything to the society. They are doing their duty very sincerely and diligently in spite of getting step motherly treatment from many angles.
The reason I am writing is to spread awareness among our people of our State the credits and the contributions of the Itanagar Traffic Warden (ITW). Perhaps they could also resort to any other easier options for their daily earnings (like many are doing today) but they are determined to serve the society and fulfilling their daily economic needs by their own.
I have heard many people misinterpret their sincerity by saying that they are bound do that job because they have no other sources of Income! Wow! What a nice Feedback! Grand salute to those great People. In fact it is a proud moment for us that many educated youths are serving our society as a part time traffic warden instead of choosing easier options that too with meager honorarium. Life would be difficult without the Traffic Wardens in this crowded city where one can finds more Cars than peoples to control the traffic flows that too without proper traffic Rules & regulations and lots of reckless drivers and riders. The most eye catching moments is the way they control the impatient and reckless drivers amidst the dusty and overcrowded environment clad with dusty layered white untidy uniform is really a very challenging job.
It is a very painful to see some people fling abusive and offensive words to them without realizing their contributions to the society and the Nation. The scenario would completely be different had they choose Guns and needles instead of choosing whistles and dusts. Therefore it is my sincere request to all the responsible citizen of Arunachal to cooperate with the Traffic Wardens of Itanagar so that we too could escape from unnecessary Traffic congestions and jams. They too have degrees, feelings, ego, and family and above all, they too are the God’s most wonderful creation-‘Human’.
Bage kamsi