Time to act

The Lohit district administration which has been continuously carrying out drive against illegal opium cultivation in the district deserves appreciation. They have been conducting operations to destroy hectares of opium cultivation despite facing stiff resistance from section of population. Incident of stone pelting and damage to road has been reported. It is not easy to work in such hostile atmosphere. Opium cultivation has become a big menace in the eastern Arunachal.
Districts like Lohit, Anjaw, Namsai, Lower Dibang Valley and Upper Siang are the worst sufferers. People are taking up opium cultivation as the source of income. Opium grown in these districts is sold throughout state. It is leading to increase in drug addiction in the state. Eastern Arunachal is in serious grip of the drug problem. Also the underground group controls majority of drug smuggling market. Day by day the situation is getting worse. Urgent step should be taken to control the drug problem in eastern belt. As a first step, the administration will have to come down hard against the opium grower. Strong punishment should be given to them. The government should provide alternate crops to opium grower and help in rehabilitation process. Also govt will have to construct more number of drug de-addiction centres to help the addicts. Time is running out and before its too late strong action should be initiated to tackle the drug problem.