Separate IAS cadre

Dear Editor,
This is regarding the visit of the Prime Minister of India to Itanagar on 15th February 2018.
Among the many things that were said by the dignitaries in the address at IG Park, one important request by the Chief Minister of the state elicited no instant assurance or response by the PM in his address. The issue was about the need to create a separate IAS cadre for the state.
This is one of the issues on which I whole heartedly support our CM. His repeated & persistent demand shows not only the good advice he has been receiving from his team of advisors but also goes on to show his farsightedness & understanding of the dynamics of govt functioning.
The day our state gets its own IAS cadre there will be a sea change in the functioning of the ‘system’. Our state will no longer be just another tenure that has to be done away with, for the officers.
I fervently appeal to the HCM to keep flagging & raising the issue with the higher-ups in Delhi for an early favourable outcome.
When other states far smaller than ours can be allotted their own IAS cadres why should our state be deprived of the same?
A citizen