NERIST without Director

Dear Editor,
Through the columns of yours esteemed daily, I would like to bring to the attention of the concern authorities towards NERIST which is running without a permanent Director for last many years.
With our Prime Minister visiting our beautiful state we were very hopeful that our state authorities will at least present the status of our institute but again we were being ignored.
All the expectations again went in vain. After being ignored by the MHRD, we organized a rally on January 24 and gave the authorities an ultimatum of one month. February 24 is approaching. Given no other option, this is our last hope. If authorities are not talking, we will make them talk. If they are sleeping, we will wake them. If they are not listening, we will make them hear. If they are staying still, we will make them move.
It’s a matter of grave concern for all the students studying here in NERIST and the students who are yet to join.
So I request and call upon the people of Arunachal Pradesh to support us and save one of the prides of state from drowning and from the darkness.
A student