Poor road infrastructure and high mortality

Dear Editor,
Many people believe that poor road infrastructure plays a role in the high rate of road accidents in the State. Road accidents are the second leading cause of violent deaths in Arunachal Pradesh. Last year, 266 people perished on Capital Complex roads. That’s almost one a day.
It is also pertinent to know that while the human factor accounts for the majority of road crashes in Arunachal, accidents caused by poor road structure is equally important, because it has wider effects.
It is, therefore, vital to address the state of road infrastructure in Jollang village, particularly if the village is to achieve any meaningful economic development. I would like to draw the kind attention of all concerned that the present road repairs going on at Jollang road is not upto the standard that should be.
The government and the PRI leaders of Jollang panchayat must adopt a holistic approach that underscores the need for a road system that guarantees safety, livability and a sense of community.
The transport choice of the ruling elite, which tends to be the use of SUVs to navigate poorly maintained roads, reduces the incentives for addressing poor road infrastructure.
Moreover, the wrong perception of road use as “poor people issues” militates against adequate and safe road infrastructure in Jollang village.
Last year the state government have already sanctioned funds for the Papu hill -Jollang -Itanagar road but the construction has not yet started. I appeal to the concern authority to start the work as soon as possible.
Byabang Noah Dui