RMSA and Nyokum

Dear Editor,
Let’s be precise and to the point. I bet 99.99% of the population of Arunachal Pradesh are aware of the plight, misery and beggar like condition of RMSA teachers.
It is no secret that salary was last paid way back in October , 2017.
I wonder why they published the same quote and quote- ” SSA/ RMSA pending salary released ” as if we are paid freebies. Having said that, capital complex have been taken by storm by extravaganza arrangement of Nyokum Festival which has off late become an occasion for rich and famous to splurge out not so hard earned cash in stalls and dice centre.
The cost of celebration is so high that for an underpaid and unpaid profession like us, we can’t even wonder of stepping in those compounds. Therefore, it is my earnest request to release our salary as soon as possible without any delay and let us be part of majestic Nyokum celebration 2018.
Frustrated and dejected RMSA teacher