Rape culture

Dear Editor,
While you were glued to your flat screen, with your eyeballs popping out every time the ball was hit for a six or while you were sipping your cup of cappuccino or maybe having a blissful time with your family- somewhere in a dark corner of India- in an Arunachal village, a five year old girl was raped by two gardeners in a tea garden and an another 5 year old girl was raped by a teacher in Yingkiong followed by the assault of an 8 year old girl in Daporijo.
The truth is that whether or not the development of the nation takes place, one is quite sure that the rape culture will touch the billboard in the near future.
The reasons behind these kinds of acts are manifold. One of them is pervasive media exposure of sex. Just google search any adult website and you have the whole category (irrespective of any age group) on your screen.
Although these alternatives are not to be completely blamed. It is just a small cause; there are many other factors as well. ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. I would often ask my dear one if she had pepper spray well equipped and my training well remembered.
But how would you expect the same from a five year old kid. In the case of child abuse, the offender may even derive pleasure without the knowledge of the minor and that is how serious the issue can be.
The law requires people to report any cases of abuse that may have been suspected in children. For the reason that some cases may not have a physical proof, it is very important for parents and guardians to monitor behavioral changes amongst children to establish any cases of child sexual abuse.
Rape can happen to anyone. Women from different cultures, races, ages, and economic level are all vulnerable. It does not matter who you are or where you live.
Time has already been started.
The time to fight against the ugly brutes.
It is not the time for cheek forward rather now is the time to start the first hit.
Nito Bui,