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Dear Editor,
We unemployed youths were very surprised to know that there are only four MVIs and 12 DTO in entire state and many post of DTOs are manned by APCS officers.
Not only this, many posts of District Tourism Officers are also manned by APSC officers. Months back it also appeared in the local news paper that many posts of District sports officer( DSO) and Assistant sport officer (ASO) have been approved by cabinet but till date there is no
advertisements of these vacant posts. If there is such huge vacancies why government is keeping poor youths, unemployed for many years ?
At the time of increasing retirement age, government made big claim regarding creation of vacancies in local dailies. But there is no advertisement of theses posts till today nor government have increased upper age limit in spite of repeated request for the same by many organizations for the last many years.
Government should know big portion of state population is comprised of students/unemployed youths. If these youths are not happy with the government, government cannot also remain happy.
Therefore, we unemployed youths appeal to chief minister to advertise all the vacant posts of group –A and B before local bodies election.