Citizen-initiated road repair

ZIRO, Feb 27: A group of likeminded citizens of Ziro have come together to repair and maintain the road from Pai Gate Hapoli to Old Ziro (7km stretch) under the banner of BeZi- Better Ziro Initiative.
The volunteers have been working for the past nine days now, and the first phase of the road maintenance -shoulder dressing and pavement maintenance -is reportedly complete.
“The idea of BeZi to repair the road of Ziro through voluntary contributions was conceived on 5 February. BeZi was formed with a mission to repair roads as a ‘citizen initiative’. It is not against anyone, but a supplement to the government and local authorities” shared Dani Sulu, BeZi member.
BeZi coordinator Prof Nani Bath informed that the BeZi team consists of technical and non-technical groups. The technical team consists of engineers and non-technical team consists of volunteers to assist the technical team.
“The response of the public, NGOs and CBOs has been overwhelming. We started the work on 17 February and today is the final day of the first phase of road maintenance,” shared BeZi member Taku Chatung.
BeZi Technical Team Head, Er Mudang Rika shared that the response of the public has been wonderful.
“We will very soon start the second phase of repair work by black topping strategic and prioritized areas with bitumen”, he informed.