AEKDSU says no to rope wire suspension bridge near Pacha Middle School

SEPPA, Mar 12: Referring to a spot verification report for the proposed rope wire suspension bridge over the Kameng River near Pacha Middle School, Seppa, submitted by the office of the Deputy Director of School Education (DDSE), the All East Kameng District Students’ Union (AEKDSU) has severely criticized the report and termed it as a ‘put-up job.’
The AEKDSU has been protesting against construction of the wire suspension bridge for about six months and had made it clear that the bridge should be built, but not at the cost of grabbing the school’s land.
The union has asked the Seppa DDSE to immediately revoke the report carried out by the department, or face democratic movement.
“The school already has very limited place for future expansion. If the bridge is built then a large portion of the school’s land will be lost. And we cannot let this happen at any cost,” the students’ union said.
“The school might need additional infrastructure developments in the near future and constructing this bridge will only curtail such future developmental plans. We need the bridge but not here, the bridge can be built anywhere else,” said AEKDSU president Chakang Yangda while clarifying their stand to the DDSE.
A team led by Ashing Lamgu ,BEO (Estt), Raka Singhi, SMC Chairman and Toko Talar, JE SSA had visited the school on 13 January and claimed that only a small portion of 1.5 metres was being utilized for the bridge without damaging the school buildings. However, the AEKDSU has strongly negated this claim.