Enhance age limit

Dear Editor,
In our state hundreds of educated youth are working on contract basis for the last 10-11 years under various department/scheme like that of SSA ,NRHM, RAMSA. For the last many years we have been tirelessly serving the society, with a hope that sooner or later our job will be made permanent. After such a long time there is no sign of regularization of jobs and most of us have crossed the upper age limit of 35 years.
In Assam, upper age limit for the government job is 43 years for ST and 38 years for general. Not only this even in UPSC civil service exam 38 years is the upper age limit for the ST/SC candidates. In our state 45 years is the upper age limit for the regular job. Then why government cannot give us age relaxation for few more years.
Our condition is such that neither we can resign from the job nor we can start any business for we have no savings from this contractual job. Our only chance to give better life and future to our family is the regular government job and current upper age limit of 35 years is not fair and injustice for the people like us.
We are not seeking increasing upper age limit for the armed force job like that of police. But for civil service/job, few more years of age relaxation can be given i.e upto 38 years.
Therefore, through this letter we appeal to all the law maker, especially young legislature to rise this issue in the ongoing Assembly session and convince the government do the needful in our request.
Contractual workers