Strange decision

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seems to have scored self goal by inducting controversial and tainted politicians like Naresh Agrawal and Narayan Rane. Immediately after joining BJP, former SP leader Agrawal has caused uproar by terming actress and SP MP Jaya Pradha as dancer. His sexist remark has backfired with opposition using it to target the ruling party. Foreign minister and senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj criticized Mr Agrawal for his callous remark. The decision of BJP to induct both Naresh Agrawal and Narayan Rane is strange.
In recent past both the leaders have been heavily criticized by BJP. Infact leaders of BJP and its ideological mentor RSS even declared Mr Agrawal a traitor for his comment on Kulbhusan Yadav. He also irked Sangh parivar by likening Hindu Gods with brands of alcohol. Also the decision to induct former Congress leader Narayan Rane has baffled the political watcher. During Congress rule in Maharasthra, Rane used to be one of the favourite targets of BJP, who alleged him of indulging in rampant corruption. With general election just a year away, saffron party is showing sign of nervousness by inducting those leaders whom they have bitterly targeted in the past. This is shocking considering the fact that BJP seems unstoppable at the moment. It has won several state elections and continues to be in pole position. The induction of tainted leaders from opposition camp might backfire in the long run.