Minimum age limit and employability

Dear Editor,
For the last few time I have been following the readers forum of this esteemed daily in which many youths and organization have been demanding for increasing current upper age limit of 35 years for few more years. In this regard , I would like to share my opinion and idea.
The present age criteria of our state government job is 18-30 years. But nobody complete graduation at the age of 18 years. So I bet that not a single candidate of 18 years age can seen applying for the job where minimum education qualification is graduation. Even ,only one or two candidates of 19 years of age will be available amongst thousands of candidates for government job. So there is no meaning of keeping minimum age of 18 years ,for there will be no job aspirant in this age group. Instead, lower limit of age may be pushed to 20 years and upper age limit to 33 years for general category and 38 for APST, for those post whose minimum qualification is graduation.
At the age of 18 years one does not become mentally matured ,though they are politically matured by the constitution. That’s why in our state many young police men who have been recruited at very young age thinks that uniform means license to beat any one and often misbehave with the citizens.
Besides, demand of increasing of current upper age limit by the job aspirants/union is also right and considerable.
Because in our state, more then one year is taken by recruiting agencies to complete the process. It has also been seen that many candidates miss their job interview due to health issue or death in family. Then in many other states ,upper age limit have been increased ,even up to 44 years for ST/SC !. But upper age limit of 38 years, is enough and most fair, because after 38 years of age , nobody will have mental capacity to study for government job.
Therefore, i while supporting those aspirants and unions appeal to government think over the issue as this is very serious and important matter and need urgent action by the government.
For government is unnaturally making hundreds of youths unemployed and unproductive by fixing very low upper age limit.
Tarum Dulak,