Take corrective measure

The National Achievement Survey (NAS) conducted by NCERT has exposed the poor education scenario of the state. As per the survey students of Arunachal performed poorly in mathematics and language subjects. Also their ability to grasp teaching in the classroom is dismal in compare to other states. Though the survey report will not shock the people of state considering the pitiable state of education sector, it should worry state government in particularly education department.
Despite tall claims made by the successive government the education scenario continues to be in pathetic state. The government says that it gives top priority to education sector but result speaks other way. The govt run schools need drastic up-gradation. The school infrastructures are crumbling and quality of teaching seems to be declining instead of improving. Also the private schools are mushrooming in the state. The education department has miserable failed to check whether these schools are providing quality education. Majority of schools operating in the state both private as well as government do not follow the norms laid down by the CBSE. However till date the education department has never initiated action against any school in this regard. The lackadaisical attitude of the officials of department is harming the future of state. The education department should properly analyze the outcome of National Achievement Survey and take corrective measures before it’s too late.