Union claims partiality in fund allocation

ITANAGAR, Mar 29: The All Kamle District Students’ Union (AKDSU) on Thursday questioned the state government for excluding Kamle district while allocating fund for repair and maintenance of the Ziro-Daporijo road.
In a press statement, the AKDSU claimed that the recent allocation of Rs 30 crore for maintenance of the Potin-Pangin road has excluded the Ziro-Daporijo stretch. It claimed that fund has been allocated partially only for a few stretches, including the Pai-Pine Grove (Ziro-I) road, the Daporijo-Dumporijo road, and the Bame-Pangin road, leaving out the Ziro-Daporijo road.
Claiming that the Ziro-Daporijo stretch is in a pathetic condition and has seen an alarming rise in cases of road fatalities, the union said the fund allocation exposed partiality and was injustice to the people of the district.
It appealed to the authority concerned to allocate fund from the Rs 30 crore for the stretch, failing which, it said, it would be compelled to launch democratic movements.