Towards cultural integration of Arunachal with mainland India

Dear Editor,
The unnecessary hype created by the inclusion of Arunachal Pradesh in recent Madhavpur Mahotsav, Gujarat should not vitiate its importance. Various issues sprang up with the union ministry’s announcement of inviting Idu Mishmi troupe and dignitaries from Arunachal.
While many believe this to be a vivid attempt at saffronization, I feel this is one step towards cultural integration of Arunachal with the mainland India.
In these times of instant connectivity and marketing, what is wrong in showcasing the ties that Arunachal had with Madhavpur.
This works only in optimum favour of our state as the aeon old origins of Rukmini is advertised. And people of India get to know of Rukmini’s ancestry, and of her epic journey from Roing to Madhavpur in Gujarat. This benefits us as people get to know about archaeological sites like Bismaknagar, Malinithan, Rukmini Nati and hence chances of tapping tourism market increases. Plus, we give some ignorant mainlanders a reason to remember that Arunachal is a part of India, being place of Rukmini’s origin.
Parshuram Kund for instance, where a Hindu sage is linked with the Mishmi valley in Lohit district has never hurt the interest of the local community there. People from all over India throng to this holy pilgrimage site on Makar Sankranti.
The Mishmis of Lohit have not shunned away from acknowledging the linkage between sage Parshuram and Lohit River. And it has definitely worked wonders for us with the boost to economy and tourism that it has provided.
Ajitso Tayang