A clarification

Dear Editor,
I am compelled to respond to certain allegations, assertions and other false accusations that were made against me in a section of local media.
Therefore, I would like to respond para-wise and provide the necessary information once again to refute the allegations against me.
1. On the allegation of misuse of fund, this is to inform that almost all the major schemes under different heads like RIDF, NLCPR, SADA, DFS, SIDF and SGEG were tendered after observing all codal formalities except for few minor repair, restoration and maintenance works which were executed through work order.
2. At Rowriah (Jorhat) which is under Kanubari PWD Division, there are 114 numbers of residential buildings- Type-I (34), Type-II (8), Type-III (54), Type-IV (11), Type-V (5), Type-VI (1), Type-VII (1) and 23 non-residential buildings like office buildings (3), circuit house block-I of plinth area 385.59 sq. metres and Circuit House block-II of plinth area 320.55 sq. metres, Transit IB (1), pump house (1), godown (16) which stand on a sprawling 10.438 hectares of land under government of Arunachal Pradesh.
Owing to frequent threat of land encroachment, the Land Management (LM) department had funded 100.00 lakhs during 2015-16 for construction of boundary wall around the complex.
Subsequently, during 2016-17, after the said land was handed over to the Department of DFS, Rs. 95.00 lakhs was allotted for renovation of ADST office building, Depot office, security Guard Room and Circuit House (Block-I) measuring 385.59 Sqm. The works were done through tender. The circuit house which was lying defunct for the last 20 years was made operational. There was a huge liability of electricity bill, and water boring was done for undisrupted water supply.
So, showing video footage or planting fictitious stories, without knowing the details, in social media by few vested interest groups under the banner of WSU is quite misleading and attempt to malign my image and that of the department as well.
3. Regarding over-lapping and duplicity of schemes, the Kanubari-Longding road is an important inter- district road having a total length of 52 Kms. Due to meager fund allotment by the state government under different head of accounts, the restoration and maintenance funds were proposed in specific locations and chainages as per need base. Although there may be repeat of same name of work/road under different heads, however, schemes were prepared in different specific locations giving proper chainages for the work. Moreover, one-time maintenance fund for the 52 Kms road length would require nothing less than 35-40 crores. Hence, the question of any duplicity does not arise.
4. The allegation of violation of AP District Based Entrepreneurs and Professionals Rules 2015 is a figment of imagination as all the works were implemented through tender maintaining the District Based Entrepreneur Act 2015. There were only two SPA schemes in the financial year 2014-15, namely, Construction of residential buildings for Chubam Circle Head Quarter and Construction of Approach Road IB at Kanubari (Lawnu) in Longding District which were tendered prior to notification of District Based Entrepreneur Act 2015.
The C/o residential buildings for Chubam Circle Head Quarter is being done by M/s Buru Enterprise, Itanagar under proprietorship of local contractor Jyae Wangsu and the Construction of Approach Road IB at Kanubari (Lawnu) in Longding District was done by M/s Pobitra Saikia, Assam under the proprietorship of local contractor Chahjing Jamikham. Both the schemes had been completed during this financial year.
It seems like few vested WSU members are advocating on behalf of registered contractors of Longding district. Had there been any violation of the said act, the registered contractors’ association, Longding could have lodged complaint.
With regard to my alleged frequent absence from the station, I wish to state that I have not received any kind of notice or complaint from the competent authorities since my posting at Kanubari as Executive Engineer.
I appeal the newly elected members of the Wancho Student Union (WSU), just two & half months old into their office, to come forward with specific records and evidences where I have misbehaved or quarreled with entrepreneurs or local people.
Hence, the repeated allegations through press conferences and rally are done with vested interests without knowing the facts with the sole intention of maligning my image and reputation. Legal options in this matter too cannot be ruled out to clear all the misunderstandings and mischievous allegations done at the behest of vested interests, and my clarification here may be treated as full and final.
Executive Engineer
Kanubari Division, PWD