Arunachal worst state for securing a job:

ITANAGAR, Apr 3: Arunachal Pradesh has been placed at the top of the ten worst regions in India for securing a job by, a search engine for job advertisement.
‘Arunachal Pradesh and other Northeastern states have the least number of vacancies, providing no room for a strong, corporate career,’ it said. Jammu & Kashmir has also been placed in this category.
Using data insights, was able to identify the best and worst places in India to find a job, and the growing sectors.
Arunachal Pradesh (0.01%) was followed by other Northeastern states, (0.02%), Jammu & Kashmir (0.04%), Himachal Pradesh (0.12%), Goa (0.13%), Jharkhand (0.14%), Uttarakhand (0.17%), Assam (0.23%), Chhattisgarh (0.23%), and Odisha (0.28%).
Maria Woncisz, the country manager for Singapore, India and Poland of, commented: “Combined, these ten regions account for slightly over only 1% of the jobs. For jobseekers, this means fewer choices and less flexibility; so if you are keen to build a strong corporate career, it’s best to head to one of the stronger regions.”
According to a release from Adzuna, Maharashtra and Karnataka are leading the hiring efforts, totaling 38% of the total number of advertised vacancies of over 2 lakh this year so far.
Sales and customer service are two of the top five strongest sectors, totaling over 18% of the job listings in the country.
According to new labour market research released by Adzuna, there are over 2 lakh vacancies currently listed online. While Maharashtra accounts for a whopping 20% of jobs available, Karnataka isn’t far behind with over 19% of the openings. Both are ready with open arms to attract the best talent possible.
While the numbers start to dip beyond Maharashtra and Karnataka, the remaining eight regions cumulatively account for another 38% of the job openings – so there is a lot of scope in these areas.