Living for a cause

Dear Editor,
It might sound filmy if we say that a person as an “one man army” has been single-handedly trying to overcome the taboos related to blood transfusion in the Northeast state of Arunachal Pradesh. But this is what Ramesh Jeke, Chairman, Arunachal Voluntary Blood Donor Organization, a unit of Arunachal Vivekananda Yuva Shakti (AVYS), has been doing for the last 10 years.
Ramesh Jeke was in the third year of NDA when he saw a child was dying as none was ready to donate blood. This caused a huge change in his mindset and he pledged to change the taboo that was prevailing in the mind of many tribal people about blood transfusion.
He first started an NGO, named, Arunachal Vivekananda Yuva Shakti with an aim to help the needy and poor during the hours of need. Later on, he established Arunachal Voluntary Blood Donor Organization for blood donation and to spread awareness among the masses about the importance of donating blood.
He is one of the very few personalities that we have met with. He is a man filled with confidence and splendid motivation. We are among many others whom he motivated to live for a cause and to do such social works for the greater good and for inner satisfaction. He is one of the minds behind the opening of blood banks in 13 districts of Arunachal. But the sad part is that the government is not at all supportive of the works he has been doing. We have seen the hardship and dark days he has been through. Therefore, we appeal to the state government to extend all kind of support to his organization and encourage his good deeds.
Students of NIT, Yupia