Threat to democracy

The budget session of parliament was a disaster as unruly members from various political parties kept on stalling the session. Barring presentation and passing of budget, not a single worthy step/decision was taken during the entire session. Both opposition and ruling parties failed to thrash out their differences. Instead of working out a compromise, they kept on blaming each other and are trying to score political brownie points with their antics.
Today Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar accused Congress of playing negative politics in the country and held party responsible for the complete washout of the Parliament session. On other hand Congress alleged that BJP used friendly allies like AIADMK to stall the functioning of house in order to ensure that, no confidence motion moved by them and TDP is not allowed to be taken up. In the last two years majority of parliament session has been washed out without any work. The MPs are taking salaries without doing their job. Is not this is unfair to majority of Indians who have to work hard to earn their livelihood. The parliamentarians are setting a wrong trend and are sending out negative message to the countrymen. The political differences should not be allowed to hamper the functioning of parliament which is considered to be the temple of democracy. For democracy to thrive the parliamentary debate and discussion is must. The regular stalling of parliament session is threat to Indian democracy.