An appeal to the Secretary Education

Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to bring to the notice of the new Secretary Education, the following observations that need urgent attention.
Junior most people are commanding the senior most people in the department in the districts due to faulty implementation of transfer and posting policy.
As a result work culture is affected and morale of the teaching staffs are at the lowest at this point of history.
I would like to appeal the Secretary Education to guide the honorable Minister Education to post efficient and hardworking officers to assist the directors and SPD in the efficient discharge of their duties as it is found that most of these officers who are posted are not even able to draft an official letter properly without the aid of the clerical staffs or log into a computer system properly and as a result are a great burden on the entire administrative framework.
I also appeal the Secretary Education to ensure that the motto of “unity in diversity “more officers from diverse community background and considering their tenures and ability should be given equal chance to serve in the directorate too.
I came to this conclusion after obtaining the list of officers through RTI , especially DDSEs posted in the directorates for the past two to three decades.
The demands of the ASSATA for the regularization of the contractual teachers is a very genuine one. I feel that this government will be blessed by an entire generation of over-aged and underemployed people who will be saved from possible starvation and destitution if a mechanism is worked out to accommodate their demands.
I am also an unemployed youth who is also looking form some gainful employment but age is in my side and I have still many more years to search for a job but I feel pity for the SSA and RMSA teachers as most of them are overaged now and still dream about being regularized by the Department.
I have high expectation from you, as we generally believe that directly recruited IAS officers perform better in comparison to others whether they are posted as Deputy Commissioners in the districts or as Secretaries in the state capital.