An open letter to Chief Mnister and Chief Secretary on unauthorised construction on ROW

Dear Editor,
Being a conscientious citizen of this country, I regard it my paramount duty to apprise you about a serious matter, which is literally a huge scam in making, which needs your serious intervention.
It is pertinent to remind you that for the execution of the Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH), the first phase of property survey was conducted in the stretch of land between Hayuliang and Supliang on the existing NH-52 and the compensation thereof was paid to the local land owners for their land and property during 2017. As per records, the major chunk of the compensation was paid for the properties, i.e. buildings and orange trees falling on the Right of Way (ROW) of the NH-52.
Taking a cue from the handsome monetary gain of the previous property owners, some unscrupulous individuals have resorted to fraudulent means of becoming billionaires overnight at the expense of the public exchequer. Since the second phase of land and property survey is in the offing on the remaining portion of the NH-52, people have started construction of illegal RCC buildings and planting new orange/ cardamom saplings on a massive scale on the ROW and its vicinity with the sheer motive of claiming huge compensation.
The mushrooming of the unauthorized buildings and planting of orange/ cardamom saplings are in full swing in the areas between Machima (Paya) and Swamy Camp since the last 3/4 months. Similar construction and plantation spree is rampant on the Right of Way (ROW) and its vicinity on the road starting from the Dalai Bridge Point upto Chaglogam, a border circle outpost near the line-of-actual control (LAC) in the Dalai Valley. The planting of new orange/ cardamom saplings are rampant on the existing inter-village road in the Ampani Valley also, where a new highway is proposed to be constructed under the Trans Arunachal Highway Project.
The random construction of numerous unauthorized buildings and orange/ cardamom plantations on the Right of Way (ROW) is hampering the smooth movement of vehicles, especially, Army Convoys, which is a matter of serious concern from the point of national security in a strategically located border state.
Surprisingly, despite the repeated issuance of executive orders of the DC, Anjaw to put a blanket ban on the new constructions, such nefarious activities are brazenly going on unabated under the very nose of the district administration. The area in question falls under the administrative jurisdiction of the ADC Hayuliang (independent charge).
The inaction of the authorities concerned speaks volumes of their complicity into the illegal constructions. Apparently some influential individuals are working in connivance with the authorities at the helm of affairs with a common vested interest to make fast bucks, at the expense of the tax payer’s hard-earned money, with impunity.
I am apprehensive that the govt. would be setting a wrong precedent by turning a blind eye towards such unwarranted practice, which is a huge scam in making, which if not checked in time, has the potential to engulf the whole state, which would ultimately prove stumbling block for the progress of the state. Hence, it is imperative to nip the unwarranted practice in the bud, before it becomes the order of the day across the state. The people of the state are already infamous for stalling developmental projects by claiming huge compensations for land/ property, which exceeds the original cost of the project.
I further urge you to use the authority at your command to ensure the dismantling/ prohibition of the building constructions/ planting of new orange/cardamom saplings on the ROW of the national highways and roads in the entire Anjaw District at the earliest, in the greater interest of the state and nation. Since the disclosure of my identity would entail the enmity and wrath of the people involved, I am keeping my identity in anonymity.
A citizen