Stop gimmicks

In a strange political gimmick, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today organized nationwide one day fast as a mark of protest against disruption of Parliament by the Congress in the last budget session. The fast was led by none other than party’s most powerful leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and its president Amit Shah. This was a bizarre move considering the fact BJP is in power at centre and in more than 20 states. They have absolute majority in Lokh Sabha and have gained significantly in Rajya Sabha in recent months.
In Modi, they have a powerful leader who is away ahead of his nearest rivals like Rahul Gandhi, the president of Indian National Congress (INC). The move to organize fast has made BJP a laughing stock. Infact by giving so much importance to Congress, which is at its lowest ebb, the saffron party is helping to revive the ailing Congress. The grand old party is taking maximum mileage out of BJP’s move and is positioning itself as direct challenger to ruling party. The BJP should remember that the onus of running parliament lies with ruling government. They have intimidating majority in Lokh Sabha and by failing to run house it has exposes their weakness. With election just a year away, the people of India should expect more such gimmicks from political parties.