End deadlock

The ongoing fracas between doctors of Tomo Riba State Hospital (TRSH), authorities of Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science (TRIHMS) and officials of health department is turning ugly with each passing days. Everyone is pointing fingers at each other and is trying to pass on the blame. Intense campaign is going on to tarnish each other’s image. The current situation of TRIHMS is unfortunate and is against the long term interest of the state. This deadlock is harming the prospect of upcoming medical college. The Medical Council of India (MCI) is yet to grant letter of permission (LOP) for starting the college.
By indulging in slandering match, doctors of Tomo Riba State Hospital as well as health department is giving enough reasons to the MCI to reject LOP proposal. There is no denying that all the parties are guilty of creating obstacle in way of medical college for their selfish motive. Doctors are worried that after LOP is granted they might be transferred to districts and therefore is against medical college. On the other hand, health department seems to be in rush to start the college thereby miserably failing to follow proper procedure. All of them are doing immense harm to medical college project. They should end the deadlock at the earliest and work out a solution. For their selfish gain they should not become a stumbling block in the way of medical college.