Timely appeal

The Union Minister of State for Home Affairs and Member of Parliament from the state, Kiren Rijiju on Sunday appealed to the people of Kurung Kumey district to not create hurdles in development programmes. This was a timely appeal considering the fact over the last few years it is people, who have become biggest obstacle in the path of development. The collapse of Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) project is classic example of how the citizens of state have failed to embrace development programmes.
The greed for compensation has stalled the progress of this important road project. In several stretches the contractors has surrendered the work. Now the fresh tender will have to be called and the whole process may take years. It is the ordinary citizens who face maximum brunt because of the poor road condition. But sadly same citizens are not ready to cooperate with the authorities in construction of TAH. This attitude needs to change. MoS Home Kiren Rijiju has made a passionate appeal to the people not to create obstacle in implementation of developmental schemes. People should introspect why he was forced to publicly make such kind of appeal? The duty of government is to plan and fund development projects. However, the successful implementation of it depends on the kind of support people extends to the implementing agencies. People of Arunachal should become partner of development and shed the anti-development attitude.