Tap the potential

The state government has taken a forward looking decision by entrusting Dibrugarh University to carry out a study on how to market local beverages like apong and chang in national and international market. The report of the research is expected to be out within next six month. Whole state will gleefully wait for the outcome of report. It will pave the way for the people of Arunachal to properly market the local beverages. So far, never this kind of study has ever been carried out by the state government.
For years the tribal people have been brewing local beverages using traditional method. It is quite popular among the local populace. However in recent year it has become very popular with the outsiders too. Many tourists who visit state prefer local beverage like apong over others. This shows that if properly marketed these traditional beverages will find huge market. If state government manages to provide proper market linkage, it will open up avenues of income generation for the people. Likewise the government should explore the potential of marketing traditional medicines. There is a massive market for the folk and traditional healing system. The department of science and technology has initiated an important move by taking steps to commercialize traditional beverages. Hopefully this will open up new opportunities for the citizens of state.