Commendable decision

The government of India has taken commendable decision by completely removing Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, AFSPA from state of Meghalaya. In Arunachal too, AFSPA has been reduced from 16 police stations areas bordering Assam to eight police stations besides Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts. It is a move in right direction and will benefit the citizens. There have been demands from various organisations in the North-East (NE) and Jammu and Kashmir for the withdrawal of AFSPA. The continuation of this act has soured the relation between rest of India and regions like North East and Kashmir.
This draconian act empowers security forces to conduct operations and arrest anyone anywhere without prior notice. Because of the insurgency and militancy problems, the AFSPA was implemented in NE states and J&K. However, citizens have often complaints about its misuse by the military personnel. Numerous cases of extra judicial killing and harassment of citizens have been reported from the area where the act was in place. Also in recent year security situation has drastically improved in NE region and therefore it did not make any sense to continue AFSPA. Govt of India has made right beginning by starting the process of gradually withdrawing this draconian act from NE states. Hopefully soon they will withdraw it from whole North East region and J&K. The provision under AFSPA is against humanity and it gives too much power to the state to harass citizen.