Protect them before fighting for them

Dear Editor,
To all my Indian brothers, sisters, parents and elders out there, hope we all are keeping good by now. And even Asifa is dead! And many innocent like her had to face this beautiful journey of rape and murder, as it appears to be one nice journey, looking into the sarcastic way the people of India are wearing their fake mustaches and going in for a shave. My goodness! It took so long for us to understand that rape is a culture adopted now. That’s the reason we see some people trying to save the accused, which so brutally with no mercy raped and killed that little angel. I probably think, it was her mistake for having been raped. It was her mistake that she was born a female child to her parents. It was she who lured them.
How have we been contributing all these while? I see only when a girl is raped and murdered people of India come out with their lit candles and roam around thinking the departed soul may find peace of mind after this tragedy. Are we not acting like fools? Are we to only light those candles and march endlessly for no future? You think lighting those candles and walking miles away will end this devilish culture of Rape and Murder? What for is this hypocrisy now? What are we trying to show by such protests and candle light march, while the culprits are enjoying with no guilty on their faces? Instead of lighting those candles which diminishes after few minutes, go and light up those rapists so that they know the pain it leaves behind when such things happen.
For some reason our Judicial System is at deep sleep. When a culprit is taken to death on the public streets, our Judicial System says, the people cannot take the law in their hands. What the hell are you even talking about my dear Judicial System? Who the hell has given the rapists the right to rape and kill someone? So you mean, people raping and murdering is not taking of law in their hands? If this is the case then, why have you mentioned in the Article 2: of the Human Rights Act in the Indian Constitution, The right to life? Does it mean nothing?
You know, this is become a flourishing fashion nowadays in our country, that chalo bhai someone is raped and murdered, come let’s get out with our candles lit and protest against this barbaric act. Have we got nuts in our heads? What after then? We are done with our candle light march and so now go and have your dinner peacefully. That’s it? Why not protest for amending of the existing rules against such heinous act? Why not protest for a new set of criminal law whereby the law says, the culprit be hanged to death? Why aren’t we able to be that sensible enough? Or are we waiting for our sisters to go through the same agony, and then will we react. Is this the mentality we have as Indians? Then why do we pledge that all Indians are my brothers and sisters? Only to protest when someone is raped and murdered? How can we be so lured by the evil might that we just keep watching a girl being molested or is being raped and we are just mere observers? When will us ‘o’ men voice up or stand up against this? Or are we happy going out for protest and rallies and we are done demanding justice? Or is it that we have so wrongly adopted this thought that only by conducting such baseless protests will we be able to develop India into a peaceful nation?
Just statistically analyze the numbers of protests and rallies conducted for the same evil of rape and murder. How far have we been able to reached justice? It’s high time we introspect ourselves and make ourselves realizes that we need some stringent law to deal with this evil. What I would recommend is go and do the same with the rapist and the murderer. Don’t try to sarcastically intimidate people my dear Judicial System. Enough is enough! We have seen enough of your failing justice in such circumstances.
And to you my dear people, friends and beloved Indians, protect the victim before you fight for them. Don’t be a mere spectator. Go out and lend your helping hands to her, and save her from those devils. God forbid, but our ignorance now can pay us a greater price later. Thank You!
Poilong Chithan
Student, Goa