Retain three tier PRIs

Dear Editor,
Arunachal Pradesh Assembly has recently passed a bill to do away with the Anchal Samiti, the intermediate level of three-tier of Panchayati Raj system and set up a two-tier system citing the crunch in financial resource base, delay in execution of plans and policies and population being less than 20 Lakhs.
In this context, I would like to seek clarification from the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to justify the following parameters concerning the amendment made for setting up of two-tier system :
1) If it is due to poor financial resource base,
(i) than why there are so many Parliamentary secretaries & Chairman ?
(ii) The honourarium of Gaon Burah is Rs.1000 /- & Head Gaon Burah is Rs.1500 /- per month. Whereas, the monthly honorarium of Anchal Samity Member is merely Rs.667 /-, then where there is a question of financial burden against the Anchal Samiti Members?
2) If it delays the process of plans and policies
(i) then why the powers and functions are not delegated at appropriate level to the Anchal Leaders to oversee and execute developmental activities;
(ii) Decision making, fund allotment and financial powers are not conferred to the Anchal Samiti Member, then how it is affecting the execution of plans and policies?
3) If reason is being population less than 20 Lakhs, then why the three-tier Panchayati raj institutions were set up in the state in 2003 when the population was only 10 lakhs ?
As per my personal view, it would be better to retain three-tier system for effective local self-governance.
Nguge Taipodia
ASM, Bali Village