Tayeng visits Dibang Bridge

ITANAGAR, Apr 25: Parliamentary Secretary for WRD, Art and culture, Gum Tayeng, on Monday visited the recently completed bridge over Dibang/Sikang River constructed by Navayuga Engineering Company in Dambuk.
Gaon Bura of Bomzir village, Gansung Lego, during an interaction with Tayeng urged her to extend the embankment to another 1km to protect the village and the bridge as the River has destroyed large cultivation fields of the village.
Dibang is called Sikang by the local Adis who reside at Bomzir in Dambuk sub division.
Tayeng also visited Sisar Bridge in Dambuk-Paglam road, Dotung/Singking flood protection work at Bizari, under construction Primary school building at Anpum. The school was washed away during the last monsoon flood.