Is forestry not important?

Dear Editor,
It is my earnest appeal to all the intellectuals, bureaucrats and learned ones of the state-Arunachal Pradesh. When the global world is concerned about the rise in temperature of the earth and even we are facing it practically in our daily lives, yet, in a state like Arunachal Pradesh, we do not seem to be worried.
Is forest not important or does it not play any role in maintaining the ecological balance and temperature of the world?
Is Forestry not important? The four years of B.Sc. forestry professional course that is held as per govt of India norms not necessary?
If all science graduates can compete in forestry exam than why forestry graduates are not allowed to do the same? Or else, what will be the use and purpose of our certificates and practical that we learnt in our graduation days, if not given a chance to prove…
We are not inferior to anyone or any graduate.
A forestry graduate