An open letter to the CM on Ngurang Pinch case

Dear Editor,
It’s been six months since my father’s body was found in a mysterious condition. I only ask one question to you today, will you uphold your promise of handing over the case to the CBI, now that the two months’ time- bound investigations by the reconstituted SIT is over? How long will my family and I have to wait? A year? Perhaps forever? Because right now, it feels like forever.
You should know that my family and I are in immense pain, everyday feels like a battle. Letting go and moving on is impossible, especially when one has series of unanswered questions. Yet, I must tell you, we are patiently awaiting justice.
But, today, I write to question you. And I think, I have all the right to ask questions, as a law abiding citizens of your state and of the country.
When the earlier formed special” investigation team under the leadership of DSP Rike Kamsi, had failed miserably in providing answers to the case, the second team was constituted as directed by the Gauhati High Court on February 25th. My family saw a ray of hope on the case.
Then on the 9th of March earlier, you announced that your government had given two months’ time to the investigating agency. My family and I were grateful to you and breathe a sigh of relief further when you assured of considering bringing the CBI for further investigations.
Two months are over now. And there has been no progress on the case, let alone justice served. After the incompetency of the first S.I.T, the newly constituted SIT seems to be following a similar path, with no substantial probe on the case. Twenty witnesses/suspects yet all are out on bail besides the three Ngurang brothers. The remaining 17 members have not been arrested till now. Many of them are even absconding. Most importantly, there hasn’t been any departmental action on the two Government employees- EE Techi Ramda and the Police Constable Biri Tadung, who were the members of the rafting expedition team on the 17th November 2017. Also, if those seven young girls are above 18 years of age, they should be tried in the same manner as the others .
I hope that the Women Commission will look into the matter, if other wise. Besides the two Government employees, the other members of the expedition team were- Bamang Taji, Bamang Galang, Nabam Tadap, Kipa Tatar, Nabam Tame, Atum Welly, Ngurang Abraham, Ngurang Tungkey, Ngurang Nega, Nabam Bate, Panye Issak.
I wonder if justice is just, if we have to entreat for it. Shouldn’t justice be universal for all, shouldn’t justice be served in all democracies, as the constitution assures? Or should it only be given to those in power and position?
What about people like me and many common people, who have entrusts their faith blindly in the Government; we those who have lost someone in our lives by misfortunes, we those who are at the perils of the criminals and powerful; we those who have absolute conviction in the constitution and laws. If it isn’t, please respond to my concerns and my pleads.Looking forward to hearing from you
Ngurang Reena,
Daughter of late
Ngurang Pinch