Monsoon and the APPSC

Dear Editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to bring some of the issues to the notice of APPSC and government in particular.
We the APPSC aspirants have patiently waited for long or some would even say that we were forced to wait for so long.
Finally the prelims date is fixed and all seems to go well but the onset of monsoon and deteriorating road conditions to various districts have triggered an anxiety that whether we would be able to reach our district headquarters safely on that very prelims day.
Very recently and very conveniently, the municipality election dates were deferred on account of monsoon but did the government had the same thought process when the APPSCEE prelims date was announced, I really doubt.
Having said so, I am not at all advocating for the further delay rather we have waited so long that I am even ready to walk till my centre this time.
I was just taken aback with the agility of the government to put forward the reasons of monsoon to defer the dates of municipality election that was to be conducted only in Pasighat and Itanagar which is comparatively less prone to monsoon related disasters than other district headquarters.
I would also like to request all the district administrations and especially engineering departments to be proactive and take necessary steps in order to minimize the hurdles of already punished aspirants and general public as a whole.
I would also like to suggest APPSC to give us a chance to change our exam centres and find new avenues in capital so as to accommodate those candidates who wants to change their centre to state capital.
Since the matter is genuine, I am very sure that it will reach to both APPSC and the government for some innovative thinking to be done without compromising the already fixed prelims date.
An aspirant