What about the poor students?

Dear Editor,
I’m really displeased regarding the reject list for the umbrella scheme scholarship. Many students were denied of their scholarship even though we followed all the correct procedures. “Bank account already exist” is the excuse they give for the students who have already availed scholarship/stipend from other sources even though many were wrongfully denied.
We didn’t avail any stipend/scholarship from other sources yet we are suffering because of their wrongdoing. I don’t know what is wrong with the data or the system. But it is surely the fault of incompetent people working in the education department.
Many students are studying out of state and everyone cannot come to the office to file a complaint. I won’t be mad if we were not getting the scholarship for the wrong reason but it is clearly seen that some people are getting scholarship/stipend from both sources and their form is not rejected while student like us are being denied scholarship even though we applied only for one. This is very unfair. What about the other poor students? Who will give justice to us? I want to bring the people’s attention to this matter and I know this issue won’t be solved that easily.
I just want to vent out my anger so I am writing to let the media be a source of awareness for the people.
A student