Transfer and posting policy for SSA teachers

Dear Editor,
We would like to draw the attention of Secretary Education towards Education scenario of state.
There is concrete policy of transfer and posting of regular teachers and they are transferred from time to time.
But in case of SSA teachers, there is no concrete policy and they are seldom transferred to other school, unless SSA teachers himself appeal for the same.
In many schools, SSA teachers are teaching in particular school for more than ten years. Even if SSA teachers are not regular govt employees, they should not be allowed to stay in particular post for such a long time. Because it has been found that when govt employees over stay in posting place they become arrogant and unfaithful to their duty and often indulge in political activities rather than teaching. And whole SSA teachers are made to bear the public criticism because of those teachers.
In Upper primary schools, many SSA teachers are posted for last 10-11 years. It is human nature to become lazy and bored when one stay in one particular place for such a long time. Consequently, this year’s result of govt. schools is very poor.
Though SSA teachers are appointed against block Quota, but there are many schools within block, those teachers can be transferred to other schools within a block for a change and to insert new life in teachers who have over stayed in particular school.
In middle schools staff quarter and other facilities are available so many SSA teachers apply for transfer to middle schools. But due to teachers who are in particular school for more than 10 years , teachers like us do not get chance to come out from interior place.
Therefore, we appeal to secretary education to rationalize the transfer and posting of SSA teachers serving in capital, towns and district headquarters before the beginning of new session. Because in districts those teachers have political and union connection , that’s why they are not being transferred, even after completing their tenure.
SSA Teachers