Ensure passenger safety

Dear Editor,
This is regarding a recent incident that took place on 18-05-18. A lady named wit her cousin was travelling back from Guwahati to Itanagar on Bus (AS-01GC- 3688 ,Network Travels). The Bus started at around 7:30 pm from I.S.B.T Guwahati for Itanagar and halted at Hotel Nikita ,Amoni, Assam at around 12:30 AM for food.
Accordingly, they had had their meal and then she rushed to ladies toilet when a guy was peeping her while leaning on the toilet door. And the door broke. The lady screamed loudly and then the guy ran away.
The lady immediately came out of the toilet and searched for the guy. Two of the passengers saw the guy running inside the hotel kitchen. She immediately reported the matter to the hotel manager and officials and even scolded the Bus driver, but all in vain. The guy was nowhere to be found.
The lady even reported the matter to the network travels officials, Guwahati but they didn’t take any action. The bus running from Guwahati -Itanagar still halts at the same hotel.
It is our duty to react or take immediate actions on this matter so as to stop such harassment or practices in future.
Lastly, I request the managing committee of Network Bus service, Guwahati to look into the matter seriously so that every passenger feels free and safe to travel in your busses. Having faith in your service, the passengers’ uses your busses and it’s your responsibility to look after us or else a time may come when everyone will refuse your service.
Tatu Tamuk