Inconsistency in number of posts

Dear Editor,
On Dated 1st June 2018 the APPSC has published an advertisement vide no. PSC- R(B) 02/ 2018 dated 31st may 2018, for 62 Posts of Assistant professor for the Govt. Colleges in our state. The said posts were advertised for 13 different disciplines.
However, the mode of distribution of posts, i.e., unreserved post and post reserved for PwD(orthopedically) is unclear.
There are unreserved posts in the disciplines like English, Hindi, Pol. Science, Physics, Education, and Geography, but why not in History, Economics and Chemistry?
The post have been reserved for PwD(orthopedically) in the disciplines like English, Hindi, Pol. Science, Economics, and Geography, but not in History, Education, Physics etc. Reservation should be made in every discipline if the required post is available.
Economics has 3 posts and 1post has been reserved for PwD, and History has 4 posts but there is no unreserved post and post reserved for PwD.
At the same time it has been seen that at every advertisement, the APPSC gives more and more posts to few of the disciplines. All the disciplines are equally important in every college and for the students. If possible, posts in every discipline should be increased to meet the educational need of the days and to counter the problems of growing unemployment.
Hence, I would like to request the APPSC and public authorities to clarify the above-mentioned problems and increase the number of posts for the satisfaction of the growing eligible candidates.
An Aspiring Candidate