Provide human resources to APPSC

Dear Editor,
The decision to hand over recruitment process to APPSC by Chief Minister Pema Khandu cabinet was highly praised by all the section of society, mostly by the educated youths and un-employed Youths. And I also had believed it to be a historic and bold decision. Because we had the hoped that if Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission would conduct all the exams under it, we will get transparency and poor youths will have the opportunity to get through their hard work and not through back door or under the table dealings. And I still believe that exams conducted by APPSC are transparent as the result itself shows.
But in the process of making it transparent and clean, it has instead become curse for the youths. APPSC has clearly stated many a times that it doesn’t have the human resources to conduct the Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Competitive exams yearly. It seems a youth will be get a govt. job once in a 3 years whereas if it was conducted through department, youths could have got jobs once in a 6 months.
Govt should have first increased the human resources of APPSC before making this decision.
For example, I have submitted the form of Jt. BDO and APPSCCE during my final year of UG, but now I have gave my M.A 2nd semester exams but I haven’t got the admit card of Jt.BDO yet though it is being re-conducted in the month of July.
I will suggest the state govt that Class-II / B non-Gazetted and class-III / C shouldn’t be conducted by APPSC.
It should be allowed to be conducted departmental so that those vacancies are filled and the unemployed youths may get in the govt service.
Many youths are on the verge of being kicked out without getting their final chance as they are going to cross the age limit.
We have all the faith in APPSC but exams should be conducted regularly and APPSC has itself said it isnt capable of conducting it regularly. We can also see it as hundreds of vacancies are advertised at various local paper but exams aren’t conducted.
APPSC brings out the best out of the best of Arunachalees but too much of burden on them will degrade the Commission itself.
Choki Raja